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  • Corporate & government diverse business program directors (M/W/DBE)
  • DBE Liaison Officers in the transportation industry
  • Prime contractors and consultants
  • Government and non profits agencies developing small and diverse businesses
  • Small and diverse businesses



  • Executive education programs
  • Capacity development programs
  • D/W/MBE Program orientation workshops
  • Business development seminars (How to do business with your company)
  • Business improvement courses (financial, marketing, human resources)
  • Training and networking conferences
  • Major project outreach meetings
  • Bonding and financing workshops
  • Mentoring program development
  • Plan reading courses
  • Bidding and estimating courses


  • Business certification assistance
  • Marketing assistance
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Business management consulting
  • Ongoing business coaching

Attractive Asian Business Woman Stands Meeting


  • D/W/MBE project management for major construction projects
  • D/W/MBE compliance efforts for construction projects
  • Staffing support for program administration activities
  • Program review, analysis, and improvement
  • DBE triennial goal setting
  • Contract goal development processes
  • DBE certification administration



  • DBE/SS Statement of Work Development
  • DBE annual survey and needs assessment
  • DBE/SS quarterly and annual report development
  • Administration and evaluation of DBE/SS programs and services
  • Implementation of a comprehensive DBE/SS Program


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