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Innovative Diverse Business Consulting & Publications

The only constant in the diverse business development industry is change. However, change either creates paralyzing challenges or opportunities for growth. The goal of Evolution Supportive Services is to develop diverse firms through information, education and assistance to thrive in today’s business environment.

Just as evolution is the process of continuous change from a current state to a higher, more complex, or better state, Evolution Supportive Services provides business development and compliance consulting services to clients to enhance the ongoing growth and improvement of diverse business enterprises.

Evolution Supportive Services understands that the success of diverse businesses and programs that support their development is dependent upon constant innovation; and constant re-evaluation of the activities used to achieve this objective. Yesterday’s strategies, activities, concepts will not bring about the forward movement necessary for the full participation of diverse firms in today’s business landscape.


Evolution Services

Diverse Business Program Consulting Services

Evolution provides an array of consulting services to diverse (DBE & M/WBE) business program administrators to assist with successful and effective program implementation. Evolution’s services include:

  • Complete DBE Supportive Services program implementation
  • Certification staff support
  • Outreach program development and implementation
  • Compliance
  • Goal setting
  • Survey implementation
  • Program evaluation and reporting



Training and Development Programs

Evolution provides comprehensive design, administration, and implementation of a wide variety of training and development programs to improve the success of diverse businesses in building capacity and creating business growth.  We offer:

  • Executive education programs
  • Capacity development programs
  • D/W/MBE Program orientation workshops
  • Business development seminars (How to do business with your organization)
  • Business improvement courses (financial, marketing, human resources)
  • Training and networking conferences
  • Major project outreach meetings



Evolution offers several ongoing publications that provide education, information, and networking information for all stakeholders in the diverse business program industry.  Our publications include:

  • The quarterly “American DBE” magazine (first issue June 2013)
  • The monthly newsletter “In Motion” (first issue April 2013)
  • Weekly blogs received via email and on our website
  • Daily tweets, Facebook posts, and Pinterest Pins with interesting and relevant industry information


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